Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Basketball Tournaments -- a first for SVIS

"We have never had anything like this before on this campus since I have been a part of this school." This was stated by Rosie McRoy, a former student and present receptionist of the school.

Kris Miller, Athletic Director, organized the first round robin tournament and invitational -- and last week both events brought elementary and junior high school students and their parents and friends to our campus. One visiting coach said, "I've lived right down the road from this school all my life -- and I never dreamed you had such a beautiful campus!"

The roar was deafening as the various teams played -- at one point the referee said he couldn't hear the whistle blow when a foul occurred -- due to the excitement of the crowd.

The student store was bombarded with orders for Navajo tacos -- which were being made throughout the evening by a couple of SVIS Navajo staff -- and of course, drinks and popcorn.

"God blessed both these occasions," Kris said.

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