Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chapel Service at SVIS

Welcome to our BLOG – our latest method of letting you know about happenings at Sun Valley Indian School. Students and staff have all returned from a much anticipated and enjoyable spring break.

I understand today is the first day of spring?? Our temperatures in Sun Valley have fallen and the wind is blowing a gale – actually it’s blowing a storm of sand – into our eyes, our mouths, our offices, classrooms, houses!! But – the sun is shining – AND the SON is shining in our hearts!!

I wish you could have joined us for chapel today. Our campus pastor, Diana Elliott, demonstrated through an awesome dramatization the sacrifice Jesus made to save us all from sin. We were held spellbound as she and two of our staff dialogued about the judgment day, The “judge” asked Kris why he thought he should be allowed into heaven, and his response was, “Because I’ve been good.” Of course, we know that isn’t good enough – that we all must have our sins forgiven. Just as the “judge” began to proclaim Kris condemned to die for his sins, “Jesus” rushed in shouting “NO, NO!” “Who are you?” asked the judge. “I’m Jesus,” he responded “and I will take his punishment upon myself.” Of course, Kris was astounded – that anyone would take his sins upon himself.

As I said, I wish you had been there. There was more to it – but you get the picture. Students and staff alike were brushing away tears as we realized just how much Jesus loves us.

We were reminded that it’s okay to eat those chocolate bunnies and colored eggs – but don’t let that keep you from remembering the real reason for Easter – the most important day in the year – the day Jesus arose from the dead.

May God be with you today as you also remember what Jesus did for you.

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Claudia said...

That's a great message to remember! Thanks for sharing.