Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lalonzo -- 7 years old on 23rd!

Tomorrow (Friday, March 23) is Lalonzo Chee-Simmons’ birthday. “Lonzo” as we call him will be seven years old. He is in the first grade.

Recently, Lonzo made a huge breakthrough in reading. He had been struggling all year. His teacher, Mrs. Flye, said she had decided she just wasn’t going to be able to teach him to read – so she prayed that GOD would teach him. Suddenly the words made sense -- and he could read!! A whole new world has opened up to Lonzo. In fact, he reads everything in sight!!

Our awesome food service staff honors each student and staff member on his or her birthday by letting that person select the menu for either lunch or supper. So -- tomorrow, we'll all be enjoying Lonzo's special menu, which is: macaroni and cheese, ham, broccoli with cheese sauce, and for dessert -- vanilla ice cream cones!

Please remember all the children in prayer -- and especially pray for Lonzo. He's a very special little boy.

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